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DBS Dehradun is now DBS Global University(DBSGU) 

  Admin | February 21, 2024
DBS Dehradun is now DBS Global University(DBSGU)

DBS (Doon Business School) is now DBS Global University the University is dedicated to offering a holistic educational experience with a commitment to providing a well-rounded education for its students, the education provided at DBS Global University goes beyond academic knowledge to help you gain the important perspective that include problem-solving skills, leadership, interpersonal skills, and personal health and well-being for its students. 

DBS Global University with a unique approach to education allows students to shape their academic journeys through interdisciplinary programs melding business, liberal arts, and computing. 

A game-changing opportunity to carve a successful and enduring career trajectory is provided by the freedom to create a personalized path aligned with individual goals and interests at DBS Global University with Excellent Placement opportunities.

Speaking of Placement 250+ Companies recruit from DBS Global University every year

At DBS Global University, Students under the guidance of an experienced Placement Coordinator.  And on top of that the University has the activities calendar incorporated a number of activities which have been designed to promote industry interaction for its students so they get the much needed exposure. It is where the Relationship building with Corporates through rich knowledge exchange helps build a trust in DBSGU capabilities to nurture talent and impart necessary skills in its students.